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Launch of nspyr Technologies

Equipment vendors, manufacturers, service providers, system integrators, and wireless carriers seeking to launch new products and solutions for emerging markets now have a new ally helping them to get to market faster, more confidently, and at lower cost and risk.  nspyr Technologies, a technology consultancy based in Charlottesville, VA and founded by industry veteran Steve Yates has opened its doors.

Steve’s vision for nspyr is to cut through industry hype and misplaced analyses that fail to take into account subtle but critical technical and business considerations, helping companies across all stages of growth more accurately strategize, plan, develop, manufacture, promote, and launch category-defining products.  Empowered with a deep understanding of emerging technologies, market trends, product development and manufacturing methodologies, and business realities, nspyr augments in-house resources so clients can more confidently launch new products, create new businesses or product lines, or revitalize maturing lines.

“nspyr Technologies serves as an aggressive agent of change for our clients in markets including wireless, IoT, and AI,” said Steve Yates, PE, Founder and President of nsypr.  “Maximum business value is created when strategy, execution, technology, regulatory, and market trends all come together in a coherent, self-reinforcing, and well-planned way.  nspyr helps clients navigate these complex issues so they can launch new products and services with higher confidence, lower risk, lower cost, and faster time to market.”

In addition to its product and technology consulting, nspyr Technologies also offers interim and fractional CTO services, technical advisory services, and industry commentary.

For more information about nspyr Technologies, visit our website at https://www.nspyr.tech.

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