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Dean Bubley: Why technology visions get market timing and value forecasts so wrong

In his LinkedIn article and podcast, noted industry analyst Dean Bubley explains how and why telecoms and mobile operators so frequently get forecasts of market timing and value so wrong.  This discussion is especially relevant given the imminent start of the much-awaited rollout of 5G service.

While 5G will clearly be a disruptive technology, impossibly high hopes have been pinned on it, frequently without due consideration of subtle but far-reaching disruptions, distractions, technical details, and other gotchas.  This is a setup for delay and disappointment when industry consensus expectations cannot be met, the hype cycle inevitably leads to disillusionment, and new use cases and industry players emerge.  

With proper planning and recognition of the complex technical, regulatory, and market forces at play, companies can enable themselves to jump on the 5G bandwagon early, and more importantly, to thrive after unrealistically inflated early expectations inevitably crash.

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